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    The IT industry is not much different than your curriculum. However, when you start seeking your favorite jobs, or compromise with your choice and enter into the industry, you feel you have entered a different world. Everything seems Greek and Latin and you start slogging into whatever work is allotted to you. In time you start to get a hold of your task and start attaining mastery, but you still are limited to what is known in the industry as your "domain". Then this domain does not leave you, maybe for your entire career, and you have a good or a bad one depending upon the domain you got allocated at the onset. It becomes even more a pain to switch domains as one does not know where to switch and does not have the requisite knowledge to switch. This becomes even worse for those who are not able to secure a job for themselves from the colleges and end up into the industry sometimes later with whatever menial jobs that the off campus companies have to offer. We at VMSLabs consist of a core group of professionals from the industry who have many years of experience dealing with this conundrum. We have created courses on various facets of IT both for the campus and as well as the corporates to make IT "that simple". We have learnt to un-entangle the IT wire and have come up with courses which not only help you get in, but also sustain, grow and not stagnate within the industry. We add knowledge to the experience of the corporates and bring the industry to the curriculum for the college students.

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We have tried to keep in my mind the challenges faced by both the college students and as well as the corporates and have created targeted courses for each of them. While the campus courses lay down all the important aspects for a fresher to get started and moving in any direction of IT he wishes to start with, the corporate courses are more focused and train people in specific domain areas.

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